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Find Opportunities In Obstacles,
Inspiration In Roadblocks

We work in a stressful industry, and it’s stressful because it’s difficult: our job is to be influential, to inspire and provoke and sell.

But what the hell… stress isn’t a bad thing. Too much of it is. And stress for the sake of stress, stress that you can’t channel, isn’t very worthwhile. But deadlines make for great motivation*, impossible situations call for creative solutions, and high standards tend to bring out the best in us.

None of those work if they don’t stress you out a little bit first. They create urgency. “How am I gonna get this done?” We dig deep.

Here’s the cool thing, though: the antidote to that stress is optimism. We rise to the challenge because there’s a little voice that’s saying, “we’re gonna nail it this time.” Despite the deadlines and the unrealistic expectations and the high standards, we think we can get the job done. We’re hopeful!

Put me in coach, give me the ball, and watch what I can do with it. We’ve got work to do.

*What’s the line about no matter how much you give a writer, it’ll take as long as they have to complete it?

Work hard, keep learning, and don't believe all the bullshit.


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