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We Build TheĀ Internet

Remember when the first TV ads included website addresses and the announcer spelled out the entire h-t-t-p-:-/-/-w-w-w-dot part?

Remember when businesses rushed to digitize their brochures and sales sheets when it became apparent that everyone was going to need one of those "websites"?

Remember picking between Prodigy and CompuServe (you probably went with the one that sent you the install disks first)? And then Hotmail introduced you to email and you created an AOL Instant Messenger screen name that's embarrassing to look back on now and suddenly "the web" was this cool thing that was expanding beyond just browsing through the 15 sites that were actually accepted into Yahoo!'s directories?

We've come a long way since then, and while "why does my refrigerator need wifi?" is an exaggerated (and kind of lazy?) complaint about the future, the internet (now so ubiquitous that it doesn't need to be capitalized) is basically irreplaceable at this point. Revolutions are broadcast, artists are given a voice, communities are no longer limited by geography, literacy and education are improving in places they've long been oppressed, and global commerce exposes us to more and better choices. Pokemon Go gets us out of our houses and VR takes us to other parts of the world. We have access to all music ever created. The internet is amazing!

And we're in a really exciting position: it's our job to build digital products for our clients to reach their audiences in new and engaging ways. Forget homepages, the internet is about building experiences and platforms. It's about building useful interactions for consumers and participating in global culture.

It's exciting because we grew up using the internet and now we're building it.

Work hard, keep learning, and don't believe all the bullshit.


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