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A Note On Case Studies.


Have you ever read an agency case study that wasn’t completely flattering? Me neither, and I’ve written a lot of them over the years. Not that they’re, like, made up completely, but… they tend to tell the story in the most optimistic way possible.

And frankly, they miss the past of the process where you learn from your mistakes, which I think is probably the most important part of them.

On this site, I do the same, but hopefully with a little more transparency than most. I’m not going to post revenue numbers or any other really specific metrics — truth be told, I don’t have those anyway, which is another story entirely — but I’m going to include the work that was done for the project, whether I think it accomplished what we set out to do, and a note on what I learned from working with that particular client, which I think it probably the most important part of the process of reflecting back on work and the thing agency case studies miss out on most: it’s inevitable that projects won’t go exactly how you planned, so how do you react to that?

So yes, I’m optimistic in the way I look back at all of these: optimistic that we did the best work possible and that we learned from our mistakes when we did make them.


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