One of the world's leading providers of hops to breweries small and large, Hopsteiner is well known among established industry players, but smaller breweries and new customers found them inaccessible. I developed social strategy and creative for a series of campaigns designed to build their audience and establish an open communication channel for prospective customers.

To wrap my head around the voice and assets of the brand, I created a branding tree, a sort of throw-stuff-at-the-wall method of determining what the brand can speak about authentically and what's relevant to the audience:

From there, I organized those thoughts into content silos to make sure we are meeting the demands of each of our audiences and keeping our topics varied (see above).

The resulting social campaign culminated in a series of #CraftBeerWeek posts with an organic reach of over 25,000 Twitter users, thousands of interactions on Facebook, and recognition by Twitter for being in the top 30% of effective campaigns within our targeted audience.